How To Communicate Effectively with Women on Online Dating Sites

Finding the perfect match is one of the most difficult but truly exciting events in one’s life. However, not all men are blessed enough to have come across the woman of their dreams. No wonder why many men opt finding their perfect match via online dating sites.

Online dating sites allow you to search for the perfect match depending on the woman’s interests, hobbies, and personal beliefs. Once you’ve found a potential match, communicating with her is the next challenge. How will you communicate effectively with the woman if you can’t see her in person? You don’t even know what she looks like or if she’s telling the truth. Knowing what and what not to do while communicating online can either make or break a successful online dating venture:

•    Send email if possible. Sending email is much more impressive and personal than sending a private message over the online dating site. What will you write on email, anyway? Here are some tips:

-    Read the woman’s profile carefully before sending her an email. Make sure that this woman is a potential match by having the same likes and hobbies as yours.

-    Start your email conversation with her interests. For instance, if she likes a certain writer and you like that writer, too, you can start talking about your favorite work of this writer.

-    Open a conversation by asking questions. You can ask the woman what her favorite work of that writer is. This will give her a reason to email back. It will be difficult to start writing an email if the person did not ask you a question.

-    Use the person’s real name as much as possible. If not, use her profile name. Don’t call a woman “cutey,” “hottie,” “sexy,” or anything like these. Many women get easily turned off when they are referred to this way.

-    Use proper grammar but don’t be too boring. A woman should feel that the email is personalized and something well-thought off. Don’t send her, “hey, i read ur profile and i think we go well with each other.”

-    Never mass-send an email to a lot of women. How will you feel if you will receive an email that is obviously fabricated for mass-sending?

•    Respect. Email or chat, any communication means between you and the woman should all be done with respect. Remember, you are talking to a person and a woman at that. Everybody deserves respect and if you don’t show them a little respect, you’ll end up dating no one.

•    Be appreciative. Let the woman know if you are enjoying talking with her. That will inspire her to continue communicating with you and that might open up to a new level of closeness.

•    Be a good conversationalist as much as possible. To do this, you should learn more about the interests of a woman. That way, you’ll not be left confused of what to say next.

Just like in real life, finding the perfect partner through online dating sites can be difficult. But don’t take it too seriously—have fun while finding your perfect match. Sooner or later, you’ll find Ms. Right.


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