How To Compliment a Man

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Men need to be complimented. In fact, they want to be complimented. If nothing else, at least it gives them a sense of purpose and meaning for their existence. For once, they have done something right instead of everything wrong. For once, perhaps you have noticed their effort. Don't think that men need not be complimented because it will boost their pride and ego. Rather, know that complimenting a man will do wonderful things for their character and improve their personality and communication in your relationship with them.

Here are some ways to properly compliment a man, for you cannot go out and buy a bouquet of roses or just write him a mushy card. Just as there are tactful ways to compliment a woman, so too are there tactful ways to compliment a man. Remember, you certainly don't want to come across as flirtatious or obnoxious, but you don't want to be so reserved that your compliment goes unnoticed.

  • Take the time to laugh at his jokes, understand his humor, and enjoy being around him. Don't go off the deep-end and turn into a giggling high school freshman. But, men do love to see that you think they're at least remotely humorous and their presence is enjoyable.
  • Show interest in what he does and admire him simply and truthfully. Don't feign your interest just because you're supposed to. If you truly wish to compliment a man, you should be able to honestly be interested in his work, hobbies, and even his quirky habits. You should also find it relatively easy to admire his character, his handiwork, or his talents.
  • Take the time to appreciate what he does for you. Don't let a man always hear you complaining about what he does, for then he will think he can never do anything to please you and will eventually stop trying. Compliment him on a job well done, whether that was fixing something or picking out a wonderful restaurant for your evening out.
  • Men love when you ask them for help. It's something in their nature to want to be needed, to be rescuers, to be our heroes. If you need a ride, ask. If you don't understand something, ask. If you can't reach something on the highest shelf in the grocery store, ask. That might be the biggest compliment you can give.
  • And finally, if you know men who are into their appearance and need to be reassured of their looks (and you feel particularly comfortable focusing on such a thing), you can always compliment their appearance both in dress and body build.

You want to be complimented. So, do the men in your life a favor and compliment them for a change.


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