How To Compliment a Woman

Your initial compliments to a woman may determine the status of your future involvement with her.

If you have recently met a woman and are going out on a first date, compliments are always welcome, if you keep them within certain parameters.  You don't want to inadvertently insult a woman or scare her off. Knowing what not to say is as important as voicing a true compliment.

Here are a few rules about complimenting a women you've just met:

  1. When you compliment a woman, be sincere about it. A woman can tell a phony compliment a mile away. Remember that you are being judged as to desirability for future dates.
  2. Give a general, not specific, compliment about her appearance. You can say "You look very nice tonight," or some similar words. The idea is to keep your compliments low key, even if you're salivating at the mouth. That type of compliment may seem too weak to you, but a woman hears it ten times stronger.
  3. Don't compliment a woman on any physical attribute below the neckline. No matter how sexy a woman appears to you, keep it to yourself. Most women dating a new man are ultimately looking for a relationship with a "nice guy." A woman will think you are shallow if you immediately hone in on her physical characteristics.
  4. Don't use the word "sexy," or anything that comes close to it.
  5. You can always use the standard compliment "You have beautiful eyes." Yes, it's corny but women never tire of hearing it. Just make sure you say it at a time when you are actually looking deeply into her eyes.
  6. You may compliment her perfume if she's wearing some.
  7. Say that you really enjoy being with her, if you do.
  8. Don't throw all your compliments at her at the beginning of the date and then have nothing left to say for the remainder of the date. Scatter your compliments throughout the evening like a time-released capsule. They'll be more effective that way.
  9. If you are on a specific type of date, say something complimentary to her regarding that date. For example, if you are at an art museum and have looked at a number of paintings, tell her she has a "good eye" if that's what you really think.
  10. Be original. Try to think of something nice to say that no one has ever said to her before.


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