How To Compliment Your Girlfriend

Giving compliments to your girlfriend is one way of expressing that you appreciate and care for her. It can also be a means to brighten up her day especially when your girlfriend is having a rough time. But not all men know how to express what they feel towards their girlfriends. This lack of communication usually results in your girlfriend feeling that she’s not appreciated and not cared for enough.

But by following these steps, you will effectively know the ways on how to compliment your girlfriend:

  1. Compliment the way she looks. Don’t be afraid to pay compliments to your girlfriend. Give her the feeling that you appreciate her, compliment how she’s dressed, how she matches her clothes with her accessories and how she carries her make-up. Use complimenting lines like “you look fantastic today” or “nice choice of lipstick” and you can also use lines like “you look beautiful today”.
  2. Be creative. Think of different ways to give her a compliment every day. Think of unconventional ways to show your affection and your appreciation. Use pick up lines to compliment her. For instance, you can say things like “I hope you know how to CPR, ‘cause you take my breath away”, “I feel like I am a raindrop, because I am falling for you”, “"Have you always been this cute, or did you have to work at it?"”, and the like. Avoid using unflattering lines as much as possible.
  3. Go the extra mile. Paying a compliment to your girlfriend in front of your friends is one way of showing that you really care for your girl. Plus, it is also a very sweet gesture on your part. Another way is remembering and celebrating your special occasions. This is also a good opportunity for you to show your affection to your girlfriend. Take her on a special date. You can go out and dine, see a movie anytime. Every once in a while, do something to wow her. You can set a schedule a vacation just for you two, or go on a road trip. Show her that you just really want to spend more time with her. And make sure that she feels special every inch of the trip.
  4. Don’t over compliment. Don’t be too cheesy with your girlfriend, she might be scared and think that you are obsessed with her. Learn how to control your emotions so you don’t over-do it. When compliments start overflowing, it may lessen the impact of your compliments.
  5. Don’t take her for granted. Make her feel special and that she does not feel abused and by including her in the special events of your life. You can bring her to your family gatherings, and show her that you are not afraid to be with her when you’re with your friends.

Giving compliments to your girlfriend cannot only make her feel appreciated and cared for, but it also strengthens your relationship. Following these simple tips can make your relationship livelier. Just remember not to overdo it, because she might find it weird for you. Just pay attention and always be ready to pay her a compliment when she seems like she’s having the blues. This simple act can go a long way in having a healthy relationship with your girlfriend.


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