How To Confess your Love

Love is one of the most delicate emotions that can strike a person.  Sometimes if you love someone, confessing to her what you really feel can be very difficult. A lot of times, you are overcome by your nerves; sometimes, you run out of things to say. What you need is hope, courage and some luck to be able to deliver your news to her, flawlessly and in the most natural way possible.

When you have decided that she's really the one, then find a great place to confess in; somewhere that both of you would be very comfortable-a quiet place or a memorable place for you would be great.

The next thing you have to do is to simply ask her to go out with you. It might be better if she does not expect it. Just act naturally. You wouldn't want something you have been planning all along to be spoiled. You have to be very alert and remind yourself that there is no turning back. Make things last and make everything remarkable.

Sometimes, it is also good to think about the day to tell her what you really feel. A romantic day would be Valentine's Day; some occasions like Christmas, her birthday or if it is raining or snowing is something that might be nice. That would be a great opportunity for you to grab.

Now, there are a lot of ways you can tell her. The old fashioned way would be calling her, telling her that you love her and then hanging up. You can modify this a bit and play her favorite song once you talk to her on the phone. This is a very romantic way of telling her what you feel, especially if you are really nervous and you run out of things to say.

You can try the traditional way of sending a love letter, or buying her a rose or even a bouquet of her favorite flowers. You can then write everything that you feel about her, and how sure you are that these feelings are true.

If you don't want your confession to be that cliched, you could either send a secret gift or an anonymous letter. Maybe it could be in a traffic jam or while you're out jogging together. If you do this, you'll know her reaction in a blink of an eye - what you will see is her authentic response towards your confession.

One thing that you really have to be ready for is how you will respond if she says yes or if she says no. You have to treat her as an adult, too. Give her some time to think if she needs to.

It is always best to tell her personally. Confessing online or by text message is highly discouraged. Also, do not expect anything erotic or sexual to happen. Just be yourself and be the man she will feel secure with and come to depend upon. However, if the girl says no to your confession of love, there will always be another chance and there's probably someone who you can find that you will love, and who will love you back, forever.


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