How To Conquer a Fear of Dating

For some guys, asking a girl for a date poses a big challenge. Believe it or not, many guys out there often chicken out when it comes to dating. The reason--fear.

Fear is actually a handicap that can seize you, even immobilize you at some point - both literally and figuratively. There are various kinds of fear, but perhaps the one stubborn fear that you seriously need to conquer is fear of dating. As soon as you realize fear is gripping you every time you attempt to date a girl, immediately get rid of this hindrance before it gets rid of you.   

What is disheartening about fear of dating is that it manifests itself outwardly no matter how you try to conceal it. There are guys who just aren't good actors. And even if they do succeed in masking their fear, it becomes apparent to their dates one way or the other. So unless you really try to shake it off, you will always give yourself away through your body language, whether or not consciously demonstrated.

If you truly want to conquer your fear of dating, try to consider the following suggestions.

  1. Do a self-examination and assess yourself. If necessary, try to undergo psychological tests to help you analyze your fear of dating. You may think that undergoing tests is overkill, but it's better to be sure than just making futile attempts of trial guessing. There are actually genuine tests online that can help, so you no longer need to personally visit a psychologist. These online tests are usually followed by pointers and advice that you will find useful.
  2. When you are already in front of a girl and about to ask her to go out with you, stay cool and calm. Avoid fidgeting as this will turn the girl off and you might end up getting a "no" for an answer. However, get ready for whatever response you may get from her. Worry not though, because even if she rejects your invitation, it's not the end of the world. Come on, there are many girls out there and going on a date is not a once in a lifetime chance.
  3. Now this is most important: Build your confidence. Fears are actually results of lack or absence of self-confidence. So start putting yourself together by improving your personality and learning to be assertive to others. Make sure you are neat and well groomed all the time. Learn how to dress properly for any occasion as well. Study basic speech skills, etiquette and social graces.

Stop anticipating things that are yet to happen. If you are planning to ask a girl for a date, avoid unnecessary predictions on how it's going to turn out, as this is a sure spoiler. Work seriously on how to conquer fear of dating right now. If you don't overcome this handicap, it might become a vicious tendency, and you may end up not being able to date in your entire life, ever. 


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