How To Console Your Adult Child after a Heartbreak

A young adult goes through a wide variety of emotional experiences while in a relationship. Because of this, a person can suffer a heartbreak or heartache. To young adults, inexperienced in such matters, a heartbreak could become a tragic and/or profound experience. Heartbreaks often affect one’s present and future personality and mental health.

Heartbreak is a result of emotional disappointment in a person or event. It is often considered as a trial by fire entry into an adult world. Aside from joy or extreme happiness, a person must be equally prepared to undergo great sadness to further grow into a balanced adult. Presently, it is an unfortunate feeling. But it could eventually teach a young adult the consequences and the hardships of a relationship. Knowledge of this can make a person appreciate future relationships more and give it more value.

There are no sure-fire ways to console your adult child after a heartbreak. However, with sincerity and patience there are ways that you can help a child get through a heartbreak. Below is a list of ways to console an adult child:

Listen with patience. A person suffering through heartbreak can often feel alone. The child can desire isolation after feeling helpless with the heartbreak. Give him or her time. Be present and patient. The time to communicate or progress through the early stage of heartbreak often relies on the individual and should not be forced.

Lend a hand, be an ear and be a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes the heartbroken needs someone to be there for them. Someone who’ll be around to give attention and support. Offer companionship.

Sooth the child with kind words and sincerity. Remind the child of people who love him or her. People who care and of how special and important he or she is.

Encourage your child to spend time with other people. Family and friends can help by just spending time with the person. It is important the he or she rediscovers the love of people close to him or her. It is a refreshing feeling for the unbroken to have and could change his or her outlook in the coming days.

Assist him in spending time with his or her interests. For example, like spending time at the malls (if he or she loves the mall). The person can be distracted by renewed interest in a hobby. Joining him or her can be helpful and might work to relieve him or her of present sadness.

Visiting places can also work. Bring the person to events, fairs or concerts. A change of scenery can be helpful. Although some places could make the feeling worse – select the appropriate place to visit after having talks with the child.

Recognize that what happened is important. Do not disregard any feelings or incidents as petty or casual. This could do more damage.

Be sincere. Nothing like sincerity can calm and sooth an individual in deep sadness and stress.

Remember that heartbreak is a part of life. It is both beneficial and hurtful and contributes to the development of an adult child. As parents, it is imperative that care, patience, support and sincerity be given to console the heartbroken.


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