How To Control Emotion

Many times in life you may have regretted uttering certain words when very angry. Indeed, letting out vindictive and hateful words at other people can cause permanent damage to your relationship with them. Hence, it is best that you learn how to control your emotions in order to avoid situations where you can hardly get hold of yourself, such that you feel sorry in the end.

To control your emotion, take note of these suggestions:

  1. Recognize what and how you feel about a particular circumstance. Know the things that make you joyful, sad, afraid and angry. By matching your emotions with specific situations, you will be able to understand your psyche better, hence enabling you to deal with your emotions more efficiently.
  2. Don’t attempt to keep your emotion inside you at all times. Out of your own fear that you may be giving away your feelings too much, or that you might hurt someone else’s feelings or ego, there could be a tendency for you to hold back your emotion. But there are times when you just need to express your emotion, albeit under reasonable control, so that it will not be bottled up inside you. The worst thing that can happen is for you to contain your emotion and later explode when you are no longer able to hold it back.
  3. Analyze your reactions to previous incidents in your life. Did you yell at the person who suddenly crossed the road as you shifted your wheels to the next bend? Did you ignore the little girl neighbor when she tried to chat you up with a high strung “Hello, Mr. Smith!”? Now, think of other ways by which you could have responded to these situations, and what could be the result if you did so. By doing this you will now recreate mini-scenarios in your mind much as if they are appearing to you in flashcards. With this you can have a more objective approach in dealing with your own emotions under certain conditions.
  4. After evaluating and analyzing your own emotions, you can now imagine your options as to how you should handle yourself next time you are confronted with similar incidents. Likewise, you can decide now which reaction will yield positive results and which one may result in negative consequences.
  5. Understand that you can never change how you feel towards certain things unless you change your attitude and beliefs in life. Your emotion can sometimes ruin chances for important opportunities in life. Take the following case for instance: Since you have convinced yourself that your boss is playing favorites among your peers, you have decided to declare a silent war with him and his favorite employee. Now because you have that hidden resentment towards these two people, you adopt a negative attitude toward your work. Your performance suffers so that your superiors’ evaluation is below the standard rankings. In short, you lose your chance of obtaining a higher position during the next wave of promotions in your office. You may not be able to instantly overcome your negative emotion toward your co-workers, but you can slowly change it by adjusting your view on these people. Once you have changed your view or perspective, your emotion will eventually transform to a more positive leaning.
  6. Sometimes we become unreasonable when we are faced with overwhelming negativities. However, human beings are supposed to be rational, hence learning how to control our emotions and not letting our emotions control us should be our primary concern. 


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