How To Convince Your Wife to Get a Motorcycle

Almost every man wants a motorcycle for himself. If you've seen images of leather-bound toughies on Harley Davidsons on the highway, then you would most likely want to get one, if only for the image boost. However, motorbikes cost money. And the economy being tight these days, it might not be within the family's budget to get a motorcycle. Worse, the wife might not approve of it! Not only will a motorbike be yet another vehicle to maintain, these are also considerably less safe than their four-wheeled counterparts.

Motorcycles are not that bad, though. You can still convince your wife that a motorcycle is a great buy. Here are a few tips.

  • Motorbikes are very compact. Your wife might not like the idea of having yet another vehicle in the driveway or the garage. Convince her that a motorcycle will take little space at home. It's considerably smaller than even a subcompact car. She won't even notice it's there.
  • Motorbikes are efficient modes of transportation. Convince your wife that having a motorcycle will help you weave through traffic more easily. You can therefore spend your time more efficiently. Instead of wasting away hours and hours every day in downtown traffic, you can just weave your way through. You will therefore arrive at the office and at home earlier and less stressed.
  • Motorcycles are cheaper than cars. You might be in need of a second car, but budget prevents you from getting one. Therefore you find yourself carpooling to work, taking the bus, or the train. Tell your wife that getting a motorcycle is a cheaper alternative. This might limit you with your choices, though. How can you justify purchasing a gas-guzzling, ear-shaking cruiser, which can be as expensive as a small, brand new car.
  • Owning a big bike will help boost your confidence. Convince your wife that getting yourself a big bike or a cruiser will help boost your self-confidence. This way, you might be better able to express your love to her.
  • Treat her to a date. It might help with your convincing your wife if you can bring her out on a date first. Eat a special dinner, and then open up the topic. She might not warm up to the idea at first, and you'll need to present a good argument. The best thing to say is that a motorcycle is a practical mode of transportation. Try doing the numbers with her. How much is the motorcycle you're planning to purchase. How much is the down payment. How much is the monthly payment? How big is it? Is it a safe brand and model?

It all boils down to weighing between the good and bad points behind owning a motorcycle. Try convincing yourself, first, that it's a good idea. If you truly believe it is, then you will have a better likelihood of convincing your wife, too. Getting a motorcycle can be a childhood dream for most men. But it can also be a practical choice that both you and your wife can appreciate.


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