How To Craft Medieval Wedding Invitations

There’s nothing more fun (and stressful) than preparing for a wedding. With the many things to do and attend to, it’s possible that some things might be overlooked. However, one of the most important things that should be arranged and given attention to would be the wedding invitations.

You’ve decided to have a medieval theme for your wedding, and this means that your invitation should be made with the same idea. This calls for a bit of research and resources, but it can be done. For example, you want a medieval-themed wedding. You will need medieval wedding invitations.

1. Prepare the following:

  • 8 ½ x 11 inch paper (any color, except bright-colored paper)
  • white- or tan-colored business-size envelopes (choose those that have a parchment or linen appearance)
  • a graphic arts software program
  • a ruler
  • wax used for sealing

2. Open a graphic arts program in your computer and start a new document. You should have a plain, letter-sized document on your screen. Start by choosing a border to be placed on the sides of your paper. Allot a 1-inch allowance from the edge of the sheet. Select an appropriate border that should be connected with your theme. Preferably have a border that has fancy scrolls or Celtic designs. Your research on the designs of the Medieval Ages will come in handy during this time.

3. Once you have placed your chosen border on all sides of the sheet, you would now need to choose, again, an appropriate font and font style for your wording. Fancy font styles are the best choices, such as Calligraph 421 BT, Tudor, Excalibur and Chaucer. Choose among the many font styles available on your computer, but make sure they’re in line with the Medieval theme.

4. If your paper and font and borders are theme-based, so should the choice of words used. You can start with the line, “The honour of thy presence is requested ...” and continue on with the same line of thought throughout the invitation. Present the information such as the dates, the place, contact persons, etc. in the same manner. Also, if you would want to have your guests come to the event in costume for this specific area, clearly indicate this in the invitation. Make sure that a copy of a map for the wedding and the reception is also included.

5. You would need to give the paper a more natural look, since the paper you used obviously looks new and doesn’t at all jive with the theme. To do this, just grab a ruler and lay it on a straight line with the edge of the paper flat underneath it. Make sure the ruler is parallel to the border and at least half an inch from the edge. Gently pull the paper upward so as to tear and soften the edges, at the same time making sure that it’s done in a clean line.

6. Once you’re done, you may fold the invitation and use wax to seal it. It’s best to do it on the invitation instead of on the envelope to prevent complications with the mailing process.


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