How To Create a Do it Yourself Wedding Reception Meal

Planning a wedding is very hard, stressful, energy-consuming work. Most people hardly get out of it alive. With the many things to attend to and the people to talk to and the places to be, it’s enough to drive one crazy.

Now, with the long list of things to do with the wedding itself, there are even more things to do at the wedding reception. One is to create a fabulous menu. If this is planned out and thought out carefully, then you will be able to create a wedding reception meal yourself.

Here are some tips on how to create a do it yourself wedding reception meal.

  1. Sit down with the bride and groom and discuss what they would want to have on their wedding menu. Divide the menu into three – appetizer, main course and the dessert. Take note of what suggestions they give you for each course. Once you have everything listed down, do the process of elimination. If it is going to be a buffet, give the guests a choice of two appetizers, three to four dishes for the main course, and at least three desserts to choose from. Don’t limit yourself to this—adjust depending on the number of guests that will be attending.
  2. Match the time of the day to the food that you will serve. If the reception will be around noon, the guests will be pretty starved and will want to keep coming back to the buffet table for more. However, if the reception is set at a later time in the day, the guests would have had snacks by then and will be eating less. Make sure that there will always be enough of whatever food you will be serving, just in case you have more guests than estimated.
  3. Go all out in presentation. If the bride and groom have decided to have a buffet, you would have to set up the buffet table in a way that it matches the theme and the color schemes of the table cloth and decorations. You can use books and fabric or any such materials to create different levels where your dishes can be placed. Try to go for a more relaxed and homey design so that your guests won’t feel that they have to be formal even while eating.
  4. In the preparation of the food, you can also add simple edible decoration around the dishes so as to enhance the already wonderful food you have prepared. Make sure that you don’t over-decorate the dishes, though.
  5. Consider having a variety in the meals you will be preparing. Don’t have too much of meat or too much of greens. Keep a well-balanced buffet so that your guests will have different food to choose from.
  6. The last thing would be to make sure that the food is always hot and ready for the guests to just put on their plates. Remember that your guests are hungry and that they want good food right away!


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