How To Create a Free Wedding Announcement Using Templates

Your wedding day will always be one of the most important and significant moments of your life. Just like everyone else, you will want to make it as memorable as possible. These memories are not created in a vacuum, but are shared with as many friends and loved ones as possible. Having a lot of people around only multiplies the joy: you have more people to share the experience with and all the good will and positive emotions around will only serve to suffuse the newly wed couple with all the good vibes they need.

Wedding announcements, then, become particularly important. You don’t want just any other generic announcement, nor do you want it to be something bland and unremarkable. As part of the process of establishing the pair-unit of the couple, it is best to have wedding announcements that capture the essence of the couple. It should be as personalized as possible, and should reflect the character of both soon-to-be newlyweds. Here’s how you can create a free wedding announcements with the use of templates.

  • You can find a lot of wedding templates for free online. A quick search on Google or Yahoo will reveal more online wedding templates than you can care to visit. Try the most popular ones, or check out different online forums for reviews on the reliability of these online wedding templates. Since you will not be paying for any of these wedding templates anyway, take all the time you want perusing through the different websites. You always have the option of downloading as many as you want to create samples before settling down on your final option.
  • After you’ve made your choice, you should download it and preview it with your Adobe reader program. This is also shareware that’s available online. Just download everything as needed.
  • You can then start adjusting the template as needed. You can even use other programs, such as Photoshop, to add elements that are more to your liking Photoshop will allow you to customize these template as much as you like through the addition of photographs, images, graphics and other design elements that suit your personal taste. Try out several drafts before settling in on something more final. Remember, you are in no hurry to create the perfect wedding announcement, even if you based it on a template.
  • It is advisable that you choose high quality printing paper or card stock when printing out your wedding announcement. This will give you the best quality available. Laser printers are also preferred to other kinds of printers (just avoid using the horrible dot matrix printers of the 80s). Most will fall in the standard size of 8.5 x 11 inches, but you can adjust to any size that you please. You can also use different printing media if paper or card stocks don’t suit your fancy.
  • If the initial printout is to your liking, then you can mass produce as many as you need. Just make sure to add a personal touch to each one, instead of just giving generic greetings.
  • Fold according to your designs, or add any embellishments as you see fit.

This is easy to do at home, and if you spend enough effort on this project, you can come up with quality comparable to having it made professionally.


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