How To Create a Romance Gift Basket for a Lover 

A romance gift basket will be sure to thrill your lover, and since you can easily personalize the items in that basket it's certainly a great gift option no matter what type of personality she has. Another plus is on your side: it's very easy to make, and you can easily adjust it around your budget! So if you're looking to find out how to create a romance gift basket for a lover, read on:

Know what romantic items are traditionally included in a romance gift basket. Some of these items include scented candles; chocolates; shower gels, creams, lotions and fragrances; wine; and roses. If your lover is male, you can consider gifting him also with various sports memorabilia items. These are just suggestions, however; do make sure to personalize the basket according to your lover's tastes (see number 2).

Consider your lover's tastes. Of course, your primary consideration should be the recipient's tastes and preferences. What scents does she like? That should be your key to choosing which brand scented candles and shower gels you choose. You could further personalize the gift basket by adding items like a CD of your lover's favorite band, favorite novels, etc.

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Plan for activities that you could enjoy together. Apart from items that your lover will enjoy, you could also include things that you will enjoy together. Some examples include board games, trivia questions to help you get to know more about one another, and tickets to a game or concert. You could also include picnic items so your gift basket could double as a picnic basket. Arrange for a romantic evening out at your favorite park.

Put it together in a basket. Once you have all the items together, put them together in a gift basket. Make sure that it is just the right size for all your items: if you buy too big, your gifts will seem paltry. Wrap it in cellophane wrapper and tie it up with a colorful ribbon.

Plan how to present the basket. Part of the surprise of the gift basket will be how you will give it to your lover. Plan ahead as to where you will leave the basket for her to find, probably in her office workspace or any place where she least expects it.

There you have it! These are just some of the ways to create a romance gift basket for your lover. Here's a tip: it will be obvious whether you have exerted an effort towards creating the gift basket. That's why it's important that you do plan ahead and make sure that every (or at least most) of the items inside are truly what your lover will appreciate. Price doesn't really matter for this - what really counts is the effort you exert in making sure that you please your lover. Good luck!


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