How To Create a Romantic Atmosphere

If you're planning on a date night at home, a romantic atmosphere is a must. Not only will it make the night extra special, it will show your partner how much you care. Taking the time to create a romantic atmosphere ensures that you both will have a night to remember.

The first thing you want to do when you create a romantic atmosphere is make sure that the house is neat and tidy. A cluttered house does not allow your romantic atmosphere to shine through. If you don't have time to clean the entire house, make sure your bedroom is spotless, because that is where the magic usually happens. Light a scented candle so the intoxicating aroma surrounds you, making your romantic atmosphere even sweeter.

The next thing you want to do when you create a romantic atmosphere is to make sure you've got some sexy appetizers available right by the bed. Chocolate dipped strawberries, whipped cream, and a cold bottle of champagne will create a delicious, romantic atmosphere that no one can resist. Other foods that are considered aphrodisiacs are oysters, honey, and coffee, but they're not quite as sexy.

What romantic atmosphere would be complete without some soft, smooth, sexy music? Grab your radio and pop in your favorite romantic CD. Turn the volume up a bit but try to keep it at a low level. You want to be able to hear the sweet nothings that your partner whispers in your ear. Barry White, Marvin Gaye, and Smoky Robinson will definitely heat up the night and help you create a romantic atmosphere.

One thing that will make your partner melt is a sensuous bubble bath. Fill the bathtub with warm water and pour some beautifully scented bubble bath under the tap. You won't have any problem trying to create a romantic atmosphere with this tip because once your partner sees those mountains of silky bubbles she will be all yours. The best part is hopping in the bath with her and creating your own romantic atmosphere together!

After you're sparkling clean from your bath, it's time to slip into something sexy. A pair of silky boxers sets the mood and helps to instantly create a romantic atmosphere. Once you walk into that bedroom door looking incredibly tantalizing, your partner won't be able to resist you. Don't forget to bring the scented massage oil to get the full benefit of the romantic atmosphere you worked so hard to create.


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