How To Create a Topiary Heart Wedding Centerpiece

A topiary as a centerpiece brings attention to a beautiful table setting. It can be adapted to suit the occasion and can be as large or as small as you wish. You can use artificial flowers, fruits, and dried and fresh flowers for a topiary. In a wedding reception a topiary can be the focal point for the head table, for the gift table and can be used to highlight table names and numbers.

Making a topiary is quite simple and if you are using silk or dried flowers you can make it a few weeks in advance. Gather the materials that you will need to make the topiary. For a wedding centerpiece a heart-shaped topiary is very symbolic and romantic. Decide the size of the topiary you want so you can get the right size of Styrofoam hearts. You will also need a long wooden dowel for the stem, the base pot, plaster of Paris, a collection of dried or silk flowers, ribbons, tulle, dried moss, spray paint, glue sticks and glue gun. Once you have gathered all the materials, here are the steps on how to make a topiary heart wedding centerpiece.

  1. Select the base. You can use a terracotta pot large enough to balance the overall look of the arrangement and will provide a stable base for the topiary. It this is going to be a tall topiary, it is better to use plaster of Paris to anchor the dowel and hold the topiary upright. You can spray paint it in gold or silver or use one of the colors in your wedding theme.
  2. Use a plastic flower pot slightly smaller than the terracotta pot and cover the drainage holes at the bottom. Place it inside the terracotta pot and mix the plaster of Paris according to directions. Do not pour the plaster of Paris directly into the terracotta pot as this may crack as the plaster of Paris hardens. When it is starting to set, push the dowel into the center of the pot. Make sure that the dowel is straight and that it will not move around until the plaster has set.
  3. When the plaster has dried, attach the Styrofoam hearts on the top of the dowel, sandwiching the dowel between 2 hearts. Use a hot glue gun to glue the hearts in place. Wrap floral tape around the two hearts to keep them together.
  4. Start gluing the satin and dried flowers. You can use one type of flower, like rose buds or an assortment of flowers in keeping with the wedding theme. Attach the flowers with flat bases directly onto the Styrofoam heart. Add a dab of glue at the base of flowers with stems before sticking them into the heart.
  5. If you are using multi-colored flowers, attach flowers by color, placing them sporadically all over the heart before adding other colors. Cover the gaps with filler flowers like baby’s breath and other small buds. Make sure that you have covered the entire heart.
  6. Paint the dowel green or wrap it in ribbons to match the wedding theme. Secure the ribbons with a dab of hot glue. Tie a bow at the base of the heart, covering the area where the dowel meets the tip of the heart. For a truly romantic look, use gossamer ribbons with long ends. Add a bit of glue to the bow to keep it in place.
  7. Cover the plaster of Paris with dried moss including the gap between the terracotta pot and the plastic pot or use crumpled tulle attached with hot glue in several places. Make a small circlet of flowers that can be placed at the base of the dowel over the tulle to complete your beautiful heart topiary.

If it is a few weeks yet before the wedding, cover the heart topiary with an old pillowcase to keep off the dust as plastic can discolor the dried flowers. Before you make the topiary, visit florists and look at wedding magazines for suggestions on the right height of the arrangement.


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