How To Create a Unique Bridal Shower Centerpiece

You can use flowers as bridal shower centerpieces, but don’t you think they are quite traditional? So try to be creative and imaginative by putting together unique bridal centerpieces. Making unique centerpieces, however, can add to your already enormous party-related anxieties, so to help ease the burden, we have listed a few tips. Here they are.

  • Think of the theme. The theme of the bridal shower can give you a good centerpiece idea. For instance, if the bridal shower party carries a travel theme, you can clip to a small photo stand a picture of the different destinations you and your fiancé have gone to. If you love fashion, you can use dolls dressed in replicas of your favorite outfits as centerpieces. If your wedding is beach-themed, place a vase or bowl with beach sand, pebbles, and shells on each table.
  • Create something edible. Try to be more practical by creating bridal shower centerpieces that the guests can nibble on as the party progresses or can take home at the end of the bridal shower. Cookies are good example. You can order or bake uniquely-shaped cookies and place them in a bowl or a platter. Candies and lollipops are also great. If you are especially creative, you can make candy and lollipop bouquets. Another great idea is cupcakes. Arrange the cupcakes in tiers, so they will look like miniature wedding cakes.
  • Consider recycling. If you don’t want to spend too much for the bridal shower, your best option is to make recycled centerpieces. Of course, making such centerpieces will require more time and creativity, but their unique appeal will surely become a hit. So let’s say, you have lots of wine bottles at home; turn them into elegant centerpieces by hand-painting them and gluing accents such as buttons, plastic gems, trinkets, and scrapbook materials. Tie ribbons and laces around the bottleneck as well.
  • Play with colors. Lots of colors will make the centerpieces very interesting. So if your centerpieces are quite bland, make sure to add colorful embellishments. The colors should of course match the shower party or wedding color palette. Remember, however, not to overdo it. Too many colors can turn the centerpieces quite messy.
  • Turn the traditional into unique centerpieces. If you have special affinity for flowers as centerpieces, then by all means use flowers; only turn them into extraordinary centerpieces. For example, use hand-knitted paper baskets as vases, attach visually interesting embellishments like feathers and sequins, and form the flowers into different shapes.
  • Give the guests a glimpse of the wedding. Have your guests take a sneak peek at your wedding by using centerpieces that have something to do with the wedding ceremony. For instance, you can laminate multiple copies of your gown sketch and clip each one to a photo stand. You can also make a miniature version of your wedding cake using cupcakes, cookies, and candies. Or let replicas of your wedding rings float in a bowl of colored water.

If you are running out centerpiece ideas, just actualize your creativity and let it flow through your creations. Try getting ideas from your maid of honor, bridesmaids, and girlfriends as well.


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