How To Create an Event Program for a Wedding

An event program for the wedding is the document program that is given to the wedding guests so that they will have an idea on the flow of the wedding ceremony. There is no standard format for the wedding program but there are some elements that are almost always present on the program. It is important to create the wedding program according to the wants of the bride and groom as the wedding program is a reminder of their special wedding day.

Here are some tips on how to create your own event program for a wedding:

  • Design and material - One of the first things that you have to decide on for the event program is the design and the materials going to be used. The design can be inspired by the motif of the wedding. Some of the most popular programs come as scrolls, booklets, folders or just simple cards. The size of your program will also depend on the things that you are going to include in it.
  • Essentials - There are some things that you have to include in the event program. These are the names of the bride and groom, the event date, the officiator of the ceremony, the order of the ceremony, lyrics to songs that will be sung, the singers and of course, the names of the wedding party.
  • Traditions and rituals - If you wish, you can include the rituals and traditions included in the wedding. You can also include the meaning behind the candles, rings, cords and vows. This is optional but it is important for couples that will be undergoing the traditional Christian wedding.
  • Significant places, events, etc. - You might also want to include why you chose the date of the wedding and the place where you will get married. This gives the guests an idea on the importance of these things to you.
  • Poems, songs or dedications - Another element that you can include in the event program are some songs or poems that are important to the couple. Short dedications can also be incorporated on this part of the program. On this part, you can also provide a short thank you message to the people who attended your wedding.
  • Directions to the reception - The last thing you can include in your event program is the directions going to the wedding reception or function event if it will be held in a different location from the wedding ceremony itself. The directions are usually printed out on small cards. Make sure that it is readable and clear.

These are some of the things that you can add to the event program of the wedding. Before printing out plenty of event programs, it is advisable to do a template first to make sure that all the details are complete and that they are printed properly on the event program. When you are already sure of the things to be included in the event program, this is the time that you can have multiple copies printed out.


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