How To Create Bridal Shower Centerpieces

To make the venue of any bridal shower come alive, there should be centerpieces on dining tables and other areas of the room. If the shower is catered, centerpieces are often included with the setup. However, to make the bridal shower special, create exciting arrangements that will liven up the event.

Below are some ideas on how to create bridal shower centerpieces that can add fun, class or whimsy to this special party.

  • Consult the bride. If you plan to make bridal shower centerpieces made of flowers, ask the bride what her favorite flowers are. You should also find out what colors she prefers. This helps you plan what flowers to buy and what color scheme to use when doing the arrangements.
  • Check the theme. Some bridal showers have a theme. The type of centerpieces that you will create should go with the theme so everything looks consistent and unified. For example, if the theme is tropical vacation, then use tropical flowers, coconuts, straw hats and even flip-flops in creating one-of-a-kind centerpieces. A sleepwear theme can have floral arrangement as the centerpiece but with a sleeping mask or two strategically placed on the arrangements.
  • Create floral centerpieces with a twist. Traditional floral centerpieces tend to be boring or even dated. Several flowers are stuck in small white pots with foliage here and there. Ho-hum…. instead of this, use clear tall glass vases and put fruits in it. The fruits should be round and only one type. For example, use only oranges or all lemons. Add water to the vase with fruits then place a stem or two of hydrangeas, calla lilies or gerberas. Go for big flowers with long stems.
  • Make an edible centerpiece. You can buy or possibly rent tiered cupcake display plates and fill it with yummy cupcakes of different flavors!  This way, the guests can have their cake and eat them, too!    Another edible centerpiece idea would be a cookie bouquet. You can order standing cookie bouquets from bakeries. Just choose cookie designs that will match the theme of the shower. You can add flowers and balloons to the cookie bouquet to make it more festive. Instead of cookies, you can use candies in the centerpiece instead. Jelly bean arrangements are gaining popularity. Fill a clear glass container with jelly beans in the color or flavor that the bride likes. Top this with flowers.
  • Create a balloon centerpiece. For a really festive bridal shower centerpiece, create different balloon centerpieces. You can use balloons in the favorite color of the bride. Look for sample balloon arrangements online and base your centerpieces on them. You’ll have lots of fun making the centerpieces and the guests (and the bride) will surely love them.
  • Use the bridal shower giveaways. Instead of placing the giveaways for the bridal shower guests in one corner of the room, arrange them in a creative manner at the center of each table. The number of giveaways you use should be equal to the number of seats per table. Place the giveaways in a glass container and decorate the container with flowers, balloons, ribbons, and other items. At the end of the party, each guest can then get her giveaway from the centerpiece.

A bridal shower should never be without bridal shower centerpieces. These add to the mood of the party. In creating bridal shower centerpieces, try to think outside the box. Don’t forget to consult the bride so you can truly personalize the centerpieces for her bridal shower.


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