How To Create Invitations for a Sleepover

Hosting a sleepover for your child and his or her friends is a challenging experience but is nevertheless a rewarding experience. If you and the kids can make it through the night relatively unscathed, you will all relish the experience and have new memories to grow fond of. Setting up a sleepover is quite easy if you accomplish everything quickly and efficiently. The first step is sending out invitations to your child’s friends. This is actually unnecessary since your kid has probably been talking about this with her friends for quite some time now but it is still a formal matter that your child will no doubt want to see through. Here is how to create invitations for a sleepover:

  • Include all the important information. When creating invitations make sure you include all the pertinent details about the sleepover namely the owner of the house/host, the address, the date of the sleepover and contact details. Of course, make sure that the invitation is actually inviting someone to join in on the fun. A simple message like “You are invited to MY sleepover…” will suffice.
  • Fab not bland. Your child is going to want to make sure that the invitations are as colorful, exciting and inviting as can be. The one thing you have to accomplish with the invitations, aside from their primary function, is to make sure they look good enough. Children of a certain age can be really fickle and literally judge a book by its cover. So if the invitation looks poorly-made, they might not be interested in it anymore. However you decide to make your invitations, just make sure you do a good job of it.
  • By hand. The simplest way to make an invitation is to buy paper, cardboard and writing materials and make the invitation yourself. If you are artistic and have good handwriting, cutting and pasting skills, this should be a no-brainer and an easy job for you. Use sturdy paper, a kind that can be folded but is not too flimsy. If you use markers or paint, try not to blot so that it does not pass through to the other side and be careful not to smudge. Also, cut straight with scissors, do not use too much glue and draw straight lines. It is harder to make the invitations uniform if you do everything by hand so make sure you pay close attention to detail.
  • Using a computer. You can easily go online to look for software or websites specializing in creating invitations for all occasions or look for templates to follow. Most of these programs are very user-friendly and come in a lot of different designs and even allow you to create your own. You can either print your invitations or email them directly to the recipients for easy dissemination. Search online for invitation-making websites.
  • Professionally-made. If you want, you can also go to shops that specialize in printing invitations. It might cost more but you can rest assured that you will have quality invitations.

Creating invitations for a sleepover is quick and easy. It isn’t rocket science so it should not be too hard to do. Make sure you have them finished early enough so that you have time to pass them out.


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