How To Customize a Onesie

Babies and small children are a wonder to dress up. They can look cute on anything. Onesies or bodysuits are popular among babies, though, because they’re easier to manage than an outfit with different pieces, especially with very active kids. One problem with baby clothes, though, is that they can be quite expensive as you will find yourself replacing these with bigger sizes every few months. Therefore, a good way to save up on your baby’s outfits is by customizing them yourself.

There are various ways to customize a onesie. These will involve either ordering one with a custom design online, or customizing it yourself with decals or fabric paints.

Customized online orders

You can create a custom onesie by ordering one from these websites:

  • Sweet Onez sells custom onesies for $14 apiece. These come in five colors, and are made from organic cotton. You can upload your own picture, or you can simply choose from pre-set colors and designs, which include animals. Just add some text to complete your customization.
  • Create a Bodysuit sells onesies for $8.99. You can send them your proposed layout, either as a graphic or as a text description, and a graphic designer will create the layout for you.
  • Inktastic sells products for all ages, and this includes shirts, sweaters, kids’ clothes, and the like. You can customize your design from a selection of images, or by uploading a picture from your computer.

Do it yourself

If you have the creativity and imagination, you can create a custom onesie with decals or fabric paint.

  • Purchase decals from a crafts store. These usually come in different designs. Go for cute ones that look best on your baby’s clothes.
  • Place the decal on the onesie, with the decal side sticking to the garment, and the transfer sheet away from the garment.
  • Turn the onesie inside out, such that the side with the decal is facing you.
  • Iron the onesie with the decal underneath.
  • Turn the onesie right-side out, and run the iron on the transfer sheet for about 15 seconds. Then, remove the transfer sheet.
  • Let it cool for about 10 to 20 minutes before using.

You can also purchase letter decals if you want to add words or a name. You will have to arrange the letters in mirror-image on a blank transfer sheet before ironing on to your child’s onesie. If you prefer, you can also directly draw or paint on the onesie using fabric paints. Be sure to let it dry thoroughly before use and before washing.

Customized onesies are a great way to dress up your baby. He will look unique! Customized onesies are also a great gift idea for a baby shower, first birthday, or simply as a gift to a friend or relative with a baby. You can get online to design and order a onesie, or you can do it yourself. You just need imagination, some skill, and a few minutes of spare time.


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