How To Date a Biker

Dating in and of itself can be a daunting task, but dating a biker is a whole new story. There are many types of bikers. It takes all kinds. One thing though that they all have in common is the love of riding. At work or at home every biker is thinking of the ride, and if you want to date one you'll have to be sympathetic to that.

The first thing you have to do when setting out to find a biker is understand that most bikers are normal people who have everyday normal feelings. What sets them apart is that urge to ride on two wheels, and that urge can be very strong. It's a feeling of freedom that they can't get anywhere else. Don't ever try to curb it, or you might find yourself standing alone as he or she drives away.

Now that you understand where a biker's mind is at, you'll want to select the type of biker that best suits your needs. Do you want the weekend prep who only rides if the weather is perfect and has a group of buddies to show off to? Maybe you want the hardcore biker that lives and breathes on two wheels, and bathes occasionally? Or you might want a biker standing in between, who loves riding but is respectable and has a job.

So you've selected the type of biker you want, and now the hard part. Where do you meet a biker? Do you go to the Brass Bull Catina, checklist in hand conducting interviews? Of course not, but sometimes it does feel that way. Regardless of the type of biker you wish to date, you actually have a veritable cornucopia of places to meet one. You can always meet a biker at charity events and rallies. Yes, you can also go to the local biker bar or club and mingle.

Ok so you've found a couple of prospects. They seem promising and they have all the requirements like a bike, they have a job, and bathe. Excellent! Now you start the dating process, which consists of going out, usually on the bike. During this process you'll both be evaluating each other to see if a partnership is in your future. This is the time when you'll decide whether the biker lifestyle is what you really want, and if it is you'll have to stock up on leathers.


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