How To Date a BodyBuilder

Dating a bodybuilder is only a dream for many. But for you, that dream is close to reality. The only problem is you might be having trouble getting ready for what you should expect when dating a bodybuilder.

Most people will think that you hit the jackpot if you are already dating a bodybuilder. But you know that it is very demanding on your part to continue dating. Being a bodybuilder also might have crossed your mind already. But if your heart is not in it, you can still continue dating a bodybuilder and who knows, he could be the perfect one for you. Just follow the tips below and you’ll be well guided:

  • Adjust to him, not him adjusting to you. Being a bodybuilder is a passion for him. Just think about your own passion that you can’t live without and you’ll understand his situation. So, in the same way that he is adjusting to you, you should also adjust to him. It’s not anymore about who is the boss but it’s about having a mutually generous and understanding relationship.
  • Support him. Never nag about his being too busy on his fitness. Being healthy and keeping his body in shape is a very big part of his life. So, if you want to keep on dating, you should support him. Go with him at the competition or wear statement t-shirts of encouragement and display a big poster to show your support. For bodybuilders, support from loved ones is very important.
  • Understand him. A bodybuilder often wears shirts that show his big muscles. It can be disturbing for you but for him, it’s only a way to show his hard work. He has been patient and worked so hard to achieve the body he now has. So, why hide it? He needs to show it. Besides, even if he wears normal clothes, his muscles will still show.
  • Be interested of his lifestyle. A bodybuilder loves to talk about fitness. So, a way to keep him have an interesting communication with you is by discussing how he started to lose weight and gain muscles. Who knows, he might teach you how to lead a healthier life, too.
  • Join him. A bodybuilder’s lifestyle is healthier compared to the average guy. You don’t have to eat a lot of fruits and veggies all the time or go to the gym everyday. Prepare food for you, too, but have a taste of his food. You might just discover a new favorite—a healthy favorite. You don’t have to lift heavy weights at the gym. Spending some time at the gym, one or twice a week will surely be appreciated.
  • Stop nonsense jealousy. Most bodybuilders don’t have time to flirt. So, you don’t really have to worry about a third party. Maybe you should worry more about the time spent for his fitness compared with the time spent for you. Understand his special needs because after all, you started dating a bodybuilder when he is already a bodybuilder.

It is not easy to be a bodybuilder and it’s not that easy to date a bodybuilder. But don’t worry because at the end, what matters more is the kind of person he is.


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