How To Date a Cancer

Dating someone who was born under the Cancer sign can be a challenge. People born under this sign can be at one extreme or the other. They are normally very peaceful people, but have short tempers when angry. Dating a Cancer can be the time of your life, but it can also be a very trying time as well. This all depends on you and your ability to compromise. However, some times you will find that standing up for yourself is necessary too.

  1. The first thing you should do when dating a Cancer person is find out their likes and dislikes. You should realize that at times, you will only get a short answer that is one or two words. Other times they will ramble on and on.
  2. The second thing you should do is get used to not making plans very far in advance. When a Cancer decides to do something it is usually at the last minute. Plans that are made far in advance are more likely to be broken with spur of the minute ideas. By nature, they like to be more spontaneous, when they do get out. Usually though, a Cancer will try to avoid making plans at all.
  3. Another thing you will quickly realize when dating a Cancer is that they go through spells of complete silence. Cancers typically like their alone time. This time is typically when no one else is around. However, they will go through long periods of silence when around other people as well. Generally, nothing is wrong and they are just being introverted at the time.
  4. You will also find that Cancers prefer to be outside. They enjoy the outdoors and being away from other people. Many Cancers enjoy hobbies such as camping, fishing, and just being outdoors. They tend to stay away from places like malls, and other places large people gather. This is typically the area where compromise will have to be learned and used generously.

Overall, dating a Cancer can be an exciting time, whether the relationship is casual or serious. Learning to go with the flow is usually best when dating a Cancer. Having patience getting the person to open up will often lead to a great relationship. Cancers are very loyal and loving people. They like to be close to the ones they love, and prefer not to be in big crowds. Generally they are docile, but protect their loved ones and beliefs when needed.


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