How To Date a Capricorn

Dating a Capricorn can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Capricorns are known for their stubbornness and slow but steady pacing not only in dating but also in life itself.

Capricorn Women
In order to be considered alluring and an attractive prospect to the Capricorn female, the male must be patient, confident, witty and honest. Capricorn women do not like to be bullied. They are strong willed females who aren't afraid to stand their ground. Capricorn women love to be pursued by confident men who are willing to get to know the real Capricorn woman. These grounded females are attracted to a person's brains, not just their money. Although money and power is important to them, they enjoy making their own money. Capricorns are incredibly driven, and if one is looking to snare her in the trap of love, be cautious because Capricorns are extremely perceptive. Only she knows if she wants to be caught or not. Capricorn females are reserved in sexual matters and like to take their time when getting intimate. To woo a Capricorn one should concentrate on the romantic side of her nature. She loves the simple things such as long walks, quiet dinners and a bouquet of flowers. Capricorn females have a reputation for being somewhat cold and not very passionate, which is far from the truth. Capricorn women have a quiet nature about them that can be misleading. Capricorn women are the quiet cool types that make an entrance without invading a room, you see her but don't hear her.

Capricorn women are good mates.

Capricorn Men
Capricorn men can make dating them not only a challenge but also an exercise in emotional restraint. Capricorn men are smart, sexy, youthful, stubborn and structured. These men may like being pursued once in a while, but don't count on that lasting for too long. Capricorn men are attracted to beauty and brains, not women who act infantile. Usually Capricorn men are attracted to older women. He loves her maturity and wisdom. For a woman to be pursued by a Capricorn man she needs to be honest, have natural beauty, be intelligent and not wear a lot of make-up. Whether he's dating or in a long-term relationship, Capricorn men believe in being the man in the relationship and not the child. Capricorn men pride themselves on being the pursuers and love to sweep women off of their feet, and they are fun.

Capricorn men enjoy long lasting relationships.


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