How To Date a Cougar

Dating a cougar is a fresh take on the dating scene. If you’re tired of the histrionics and immaturity associated with dating women your age, why not move up a few decades and start checking out the older set?

Here’s how to date a cougar.

  1. Know where to look. Online dating sites are a great resource for finding mature women ready to have some fun. There are even sites dedicated to cougars so just scroll and take your pic. You can also frequent some bars. If you fancy an older woman, go ahead and make a move. If she’s not available, she’ll be flattered by the attentions of a much younger man. If she’s a legitimate cougar, you may end up with a date. You can’t lose.
  2. Don't be intimidated. Older women generally have more money than someone starting out his career and have usually experienced the finer things in life. She may even have a better car than you do and she’s probably holds a higher rank in the office than you. Relax. You have the vigor of youth on your side. You have a fresh optimism, your young looks, stamina and creativity.
  3. Assess what your cougar is looking for. Most cougars are out for a good time, since they’ve done the whole dating, marriage and possible even divorce thing. There are some who may be looking for a serious relationship. Talk to your date and find out what she wants. She’ll be upfront with it and body language signals are hard to miss.
  4. Not all cougars are open season. Stay away from your best friend’s mom and your female boss. Having an inter office relationship is generally not a good idea. You may even find yourself in a sexual harassment lawsuit if things don’t work out. It’s just not worth the trouble. Don’t prey on your friends’ moms either. Stay bonded with your buddies, not their moms. It’s like the unwritten code that you don’t date your best friend’s sister. Include don’t date his mother either. If she has some friends that are interested, perhaps that’s a different story.
  5. Be confident when you make your approach. Exude energy and confidence. A woman of any age appreciates that. Cougars date young because men their age may have let go and may be slovenly, tired or just have too many medical concerns. Work your charm and present what a young man has to offer.
  6. Never remind her that she’s older than you. She already knows that. Age may be just a number, but like weight, it’s one of those things that are never discussed. Compliment her looks, without ending with “for your age”. Let her feel she’s sexy and her accomplishments make you proud of her.
  7. Don’t make her feel that you are interested in her as a sexual fantasy being fulfilled. She’s a person and wants to feel special and wanted.

Try dating an older woman. The rules of dating a pretty much the same, except she’ll probably have more experience than you.


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