How To Date a Cousin

Making the choice to date a cousin comes with many emotional strings attached.  Relationships with first cousins have always been taboo and frowned upon.  More distant cousins are able to maintain a dating relationship without the stigma of not being socially accepted.  

When you find yourself interested in a cousin, there is a lot of work to be done before the dating process begins.  Both need to be in agreement that this is a wise move, because relatives are going to be affected by your decision.  If you and your cousin are younger, more adverse issues come into play.  Dating is the first step in the direction of having a deeper relationship that many times culminates in marriage.  Be careful not to take the dating of your cousin any farther than you both feel comfortable with.

Secretive meetings are not a good means of entering the dating scene with your cousin.  An open relationship is the healthy beginning for any couple.  Talking with each other and with your family members will give you the opportunities to express your concerns and acknowledge the feelings of other relatives.

You also need to take into consideration the legal aspect of getting serious with a first cousin and the legal ramifications if marriage is considered. Twenty-five states forbid the marriage of first cousins, which speaks volumes about how this type of a relationship is unacceptable.  Other states allow the marriage, but require that verification of infertility is shown when applying for a marriage license.

Choosing to date a cousin is a life-changing event for you and every member of your family.  You may say that dating has nothing to do with marriage and in your case, it may not.  Keep in mind that dating naturally flows into deeper commitments when both partners are in agreement and share mutual feelings of love.  After all of the negatives have been discussed, if you still desire to date your cousin, proceed with caution.

The leap from being cousin to dating partner will bring a new time to learn and think differently about this person.  Take this time to meet and discuss your fears and you may decide to move forward if the pros outweigh the cons.  Take care to have an open relationship.  Don't fear being judged.  Family and friends will always place moral judgments on your actions, and when you're dating a cousin this can be taken to a much higher level.  Love is said to conquer all, but in this case the scrutiny placed on your dating may be too tough to handle.


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