How To Date a Doctor

So you want to date a doctor.  Maybe it's because you know your mother will approve.  Perhaps you think you'll be free to frequent high-end boutiques while he's hard at work at the hospital, tending to the ailing.  Maybe you believe he'll sire smart children.  Or maybe it's because you know he won't be around all that much, and that, after all, is often a good quality in a spouse.

Whatever your motivation, dating a doctor can be fun and fulfilling--but before you can do it, you'll have to find one.  The following advice will get you started on the road to romantic bliss with a doctor of your very own.

You must first determine where medical students, residents, and full-fledged doctors in your area congregate.  These are often the same kinds of places where other brainy people hang out--bookstores, lectures, museums, cafes, and libraries.  The highest concentration of doctors is found in close proximity to medical schools and hospitals.  Frequent these establishments on a regular basis.  Become a familiar face and smile a lot, at everyone.  You never know when an available doctor will surface.

Remember that you can't tell who's a doctor and who isn't, especially at first glance.  Doctors are often humble and unassuming.  Don't turn up your nose at the scruffy, tired-looking guy in scrubs; he could very well be Dr. Dream Man.  Of course, he could also easily be an orderly--not that there's anything wrong with being an orderly.  You just don't want to accidentally date one.

Once you snag a doctor and have coyly convinced him to go out with you, the real work of dating a doctor begins.  It's your job not to scare him away.  Don't, for example, page him endlessly throughout the day just to whisper sweet nothings into the telephone.  Doctors are very busy professionals.

When he meets you for a date, show interest in the minutiae of his day.  Ask for personal stories and anecdotes about his patients.  These are always fascinating; you won't have to feign interest in the anorexic suicidal teenager or the obese, middle-aged homeless diabetic who would rather die than lose her little toe.

Don't forget that doctors are people too, and that they'll be attracted to the same qualities everyone else finds appealing in a mate--humor, honesty, compassion, sincerity.  Any doctor will be drawn to a woman who is genuinely interested in him for who he truly is--and not just because he's a doctor.


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