How To Date a Friend

Having a relationship with a friend will many times lead to dating with mixed consequences.  Altering a state of friendship for a deeper relationship may not lead in the direction you are hoping to gain.  Having and keeping a friend of the opposite sex is said to be very difficult. Some master the technique and others do not.  Unsuccessful dating experiences with friends will most times lead to an end of a friendship. Tread slowing in the new experience of dating a friend.  Talk to each other and make certain you are in the same place emotionally and are ready to take your relationship to the next level.

Talking is probably the most important key component in your friendship, so be sure to keep the lines of communication flowing while dating. Express to each other your feelings and expectations about this new place in your lives.  Subtle changes can make huge impacts in your dating relationship.  New unspoken rules apply when going to movies, dinners, and trips but stick to the rule to verbalize your feelings, likes, and dislikes.  Many married couples say their partner is their best friend.  In this case your best friend may eventually lead to be your permanent partner.  The ease in the transition from friend to dating partner may be smoother than you think. You are friends because of common interests and ideals, so dating could be a breeze.

Begin by casually seeing each other in different settings.  Choose new restaurants and late night hang-outs to create a different feeling in your relationship.  Begin couples dating which will add more conversation and some experience with other dating partners. Visit family members so they will begin to accept that you are a dating couple and no longer in a status of friendship. Take short, day trips together to test the compatibility of alone time and continue talking.  Move slowly and keep the friendship alive by nurturing your partner with understanding.  These are uncharted waters and old rules have been replaced by new ones.

Altering a friendship to a dating level can work with some mutual respect and desire to deepen your relationship.  Hopefully, if dating does not produce the desired end results, you will remain friends.  Working on a friendship or a dating a friend can be the best time of your life. Remember what drew you together in the beginning. Those same traits may continue to pull you closer, and closer together for a long dating relationship.


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