How To Date a Latina Woman

Latina women are beautiful, sexy, voluptuous, caring and exciting to be around. If you want to date a Latina, you will need to prepare yourself for some cultural differences. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure you are interested in the person for her personality and not because she is Latin American. Don’t date any woman because she fulfills a certain fantasy for you. Be with her because you value her as a person.
  2. Don’t believe the stereotypes. It’s insulting to any woman to be labeled and categorized because of her race or nationality. It’s true that generally, Latinas can get loud, love music and dancing, but it doesn’t hold true for every individual.
  3. Know that Latinas are very particular about their country. Don’t assume that they all speak Spanish and that all the countries are the same. Each Latin American country has its own heritage, culture and identity. Honor and respect it. A Latina may find it downright insulting to be mistaken from another country, so don’t assume where she is from just because of her accent or her raven locks. Ask and be interested in her answer.
  4. Understand that most Latinas are very close to their family. It’s not uncommon for the families to gather on a weekly basis and have all the aunts, uncles and cousins under one roof at a given time. The approval of her family bears a lot of weight on their decisions so be ready to prepared to undergo interviews from the mother, father, grandparents, sister, cousin and anyone else from the family tree. If you date and marry a Latina, you date and marry the entire family. Don’t be surprised if her family is very nuclear and her grown siblings with their own families are still living with the parents.
  5. Don’t make jokes at the expense of their race or culture. She probably won’t find movies like Nacho Libre funny, so choose movies that are culturally sensitive. Forget jokes that target the accent or specific body parts.
  6. She’ll likely be a devout Catholic, so respect her religion too. You may not be able to drag her on a date Sunday mornings because she has religious service to attend. Latin American countries are predominantly Catholic so don’t be surprised if there is a picture of Jesus or a statue of the Virgin Mary in her home. She may want to say the rosary in times of trouble. If you attend service with her, just go along and respect the environment. Don’t take communion but listen to what the priest has to say.
  7. Learn to salsa. Salsa isn’t just food, it’s also a sexy dancing that’s sure to bring energy and enjoyment to any occasion. Most gatherings will have music and dancing of some sort, and salsa is generally the music of choice. Learn to groove your hips and dance to the beat. Loosen up and have a good time. Take lessons together if you don’t know the moves. You may even learn the other sexy Latin dances such as the rumba or tango.

Dating a woman from a Latin background can be exciting and interesting. In the end, it’s about the connection you have, regardless of her heritage or what country she comes from that matters.


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