How To Date a Lawyer

When dating a lawyer, you must respect his position and realize that he will be working long hours. Much of what a lawyer does requires early court times and much preparation the night before. Your lawyer partner may even be swamped on the weekends, so be prepared to share custody with the courts. A busy work schedule with crucial deadlines can put a damper on your social life, but such is the priced to be paid when dating a lawyer.

Lawyers, like many other professionals, are passionate about their work, and it's helpful if you can share some of that enthusiasm. Although you are not expected to know all the legal jargon and fine points to their work, its helpful is you share a passion for crime and punishment, if only through current events. Try to keep up with the latest high profile cases and contribute accordingly to conversation. A well read person can learn a lot about legal posturing and it's intellectual dinner conversation to dissect a good case.

Besides reading up, there are many documentary programs to give you a better understanding of the law. Dramatic series are a lot of nonsense and a waste of time, but try the cable channels for in-depth analysis of criminal cases. Also, cable news has frequent criminology and forensic experts that can bring you up to speed with the nature of law.

When dating a lawyer, be realistic about your goals for the relationship and never be demanding of his or her time. You will be a pearl of great value if you exercise patience and understanding when your social life is in decline. If you are a professional yourself, this should go without saying that the years of hard work and expensive education needed to practice law takes priority over a whimsical lifestyle of playtime five nights a week. In addition, the trial lawyer holds the fate of the client in his or her hands, and needs every ounce of prep time and sleep to ensure success.

Even with a valiant effort, not everyone is cut out to partner with a lawyer. It takes a strong individual with a sense of self to overcome the feeling of rejection when duty calls. Be strong and realize that you are valued as his or her equal and you will be respected for your strength. Rather than seeing a lonely night as a failed relationship, consider yourself chosen above many to stand at your lawyer's side.


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