How To Date a Leo

Dating a Leo, the Lion, will definitely not be a dull experience. Leos are very proud and confident; they need to have their ego fed with continuous compliments. This zodiac sign can be very jealous, egotistic and possessive. However, they give back 100% with honesty, loyalty, optimism, and a kind, big heart. The Leo is definitely King of the jungle with a gentle, caring, and compassionate side too!

The Green-Eyed Monster

The Leo needs a constant stream of compliments and praises to feed his ego. When dating a Leo, be forewarned: Leos have a streak of jealousy that runs deep. How can you feed your partner's ego if your attention is not solely on him? Leos are also very possessive; they cannot and will not tolerate some pushing up on their mates. Be warned, this lion will not hesitate to protect what's his. When dating a Leo, expect to hear things just as the Leo sees them; they can be very blunt! He will not be afraid to tell you what he likes or dislikes.

Big Ego

Leos are very energetic people. They have a natural love for the outdoors or anything that will keep them busy. If you plan to date a Leo, know he won't like to sit around all the time; to keep up, you have to love being active. Leos are very aware of the activities they do best and you had better take notice! The Leo takes great pride in the things that he accomplishes, and he wants you to acknowledge them. Dating a Leo will be a constant thrill, as he will try to impress you with his talents.  Stroke your lion's ego and in return he will be putty in your hands. This fierce lion needs tender loving care; underneath that hard surface layer there is a protective provider yearning for a chance to love and lead!

If you to plan to date a Leo, know that you will need to get accustomed to his possessiveness. He will expect you to call if you are going to be late. If you plan to be someplace other than you had originally said, do pick up the phone and let him know. The Leo is not trying to control you and run your life; he sees it as a form of respect. Respect your Leo's time and heart; in return, he will show you all that love truly can be.

Although the Leo can be an intimidating challenge, for those who become the love of this lion, life will never be dull. Underneath the tough-guy armor, the Leo is a kind hearted, energetic, and a provider for those he loves. Love this lion and stroke his ego; you will have an honest and loyal companion for life. Take heed, as this lion will fiercely protect all that he holds dear!


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