How To Date a Libra

If your latest love interest was born between September 23 and October 22, you're dating a Libra.  Libras are represented in the Zodiac by a set of scales, which is fitting because most people born under this sign constantly seek balance. Libras are known for being physically beautiful, intelligent, and hot tempered. If you want to use this knowledge to your advantage, then here are a few tips on how to date a Libra.

The best place to take your Libra on a first date is an art exhibit or foreign film.  Both will appeal to his or her love of beauty and refinement, and love of intellectual pursuits. Libras also have a tendency to be quite vain, so don't forget to bring flowers, and compliment them constantly.  If the conversation swings toward politics or current events, dazzle your date with your knowledge on the subject, but also show a sense of fairness.  Don't be afraid to flirt, heavily, either.  Most Libras are very playful, and will flirt right back.

If things are going well, and you want to take your relationship further, then the next step you should take down the road of how to date a Libra is introducing him or her to your friends.  Libras by nature are very social beings, and are also quite charming.  This platform will give your new love interest a chance to shine. Keep the conversation light, and appeal to your date's competitive nature by suggesting a game of cards.  Always remember to watch your manners.  Libras are students of social etiquette, and if you do not act accordingly, it will offend his or her delicate sensibilities.

Libras love to talk, and love to give advice even more.  If you are having a problem, whether it be at home or work, your new girlfriend or boyfriend will be more than happy to lend an ear.  Just don't get too frustrated if they keep giving you contradicting pieces of advice.  Libras all have a lot of good qualities, but their worst is their notorious indecisiveness.

These are all great tips on how to date a Libra, but they are only meant to be a general guide. All people are unique, and should be treated as such.  You might come across a Libra who would rather attend a truck pull, then a symphony orchestra.  Keep an open mind, and most importantly, be yourself.  That is your best asset.


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