How To Date a Libra Male

The zodiac sign of a guy gives you an idea about his personality, so if you are about to date a Libra male, then it is good to get to know his qualities based on his zodiac sign. Here are some of the dominant qualities of a Libra male, and some ideas on how you can best handle each situation.

  • A Libra male is generally charming and attractive. This is a good thing because you will not be disappointed at being with him. You will surely have a good time talking and you will enjoy being with him, looking at him and knowing that your date is an attractive guy who chose to be with you among other women. Let him know you appreciate him and that you enjoy his company. However, his charm may be a liability when he attracts other women in the picture. He can be a flirt around other women, so make sure you give him enough attention so he does not have to seek it somewhere else. Do it subtly so he does not feel he is being chained or sheltered. Do not be jealous and never nag, because this will be his reason for wanting a more open minded woman.
  • Libra is symbolized by the symbol of the ancient weighing scale, which represents justice and fairness. A Libra male treats fairness with absolute importance, and he never wants to disappoint people. He is a good negotiator and always wants conflicts to be resolved. This is a good quality, but when it comes to being in a dating relationship with a Libra male, it can also be a bad thing if he becomes indecisive because he wants to make sure he is making the right decision. During these occasions, make him feel that you value his way of processing things to come up with a good decision. Support him, but also help him and if possible, guide him in his decision making in a way that will not make him feel inadequate. Let him feel loved and appreciated, as this will boost his confidence.
  • In relation to being fair in his decisions, a Libra male is also empathetic towards others. He feels their pains and joys, and while this is a good way to establish harmonious relationships, he may become too affected especially with negative emotions. This may pull him down and make him feel bad about himself as well, so a constant show of emotional support will help him cope. Be there for him but also allow him some time alone to process his thoughts and emotions. Always make him feel that he is never alone and he has you and other people who he can count on.

Dating a Libra male is not just about pleasing him, but is also about being his source of inspiration to be better. An open communication line will always be an advantage in any kind of relationship, so it is best to talk to your Libra man when you have concerns, in a kind and loving way.


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