How To Date a Male Model

Dating a male model may seem like an impossible dream. From the exterior, these boys seem self-involved, overly indulged, and way too pretty. After you scratch the surface, you'll notice that male models have all the same neuroses and self-esteem issues we all have. All of this can be overlooked though, because male models are just so beautiful. Want to know the secrets behind landing one of these amazing specimens of physical perfection? Here is how to date a male model.

First off, remind him that he is not just a pretty face. It's a tale as old as time itself; beautiful people aren't that bright. This, of course, is not always the case. Let the man you're interested in know that he is as fascinating, and intelligent, as the next guy. Any woman can walk up to one of these men and tell them they're hot. If you really want to know how to get a date with a male model, or at least his attention, tell him he's brilliant.

After you've made your first move, let him know your story. This will intrigue him immensely. Your life might seem mundane to you, but to him, it will be fascinating. A good point to keep in mind during this stage is this; he is used to having some pretty superficial relationships. Show him how deep and thoughtful you are. Let him know that you are there to engage intellectually, not physically. This is the true way to get a date with a male model.

On your first official date, take him somewhere quaint and intimate. Male models are used to traveling to exotic locations, and attending the most exclusive events all across the globe. A nice, quiet evening at the local diner would probably appeal to him a great deal. Talk about your childhood, favorite movies, books, etc. Don't necessarily ask him about his work. For men, modeling is more of a job, than a calling, so the topic may bore him.

The last idea to contemplate on your quest to date a male model is this: be sincere. Have some fun, but don't take the relationship too far if you are not truly interested. At the very least, you can learn a valuable lesson about judging a person based on their outward appearance. Or you could find the love of your life, or a really good friend.


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