How To Date a Nice Guy

Finding a nice guy these days is the proverbial needle in a haystack, so be sure you appreciate what you have if you find him. If you have a disagreement, he will use self-control and hold his tongue, as he is always mindful of your feelings. But don't mistake his kindness for weakness, as any human being can be pushed to the breaking point. Instead, use the same measure of consideration when dealing with him and you will have a loyal friend for life.

Dating a nice guy brings with it his good reputation and respect from others. There's nothing more depressing than hearing dirt about someone you love, but with a nice guy you get nothing but accolades. Whether it's his colleagues, family or friends, you can be sure you will hear nothing but praise. And this esteem is transferred to you when you are with him, as long as you maintain your dignity and decorum.

The bad boy image may be attractive to some girls, but bad boys don't make successful long-term relationships. Your nice guy treats you and others with respect and you can trust him with your life. He never criticizes you or snickers to others behind your back and is apt to lift you up on high just because you are you.

When searching for a nice guy, the best way to find out if he's truly a nice person is to listen to how he talks about others when they're not around. Does he slander and condemn, or does he speak positively? People tend to overlook this trait as long as they, themselves, are not the target. But rest assured, if someone behaves this way with others, one day it will be your turn as the object of their contempt. So, watch for his interaction with others, especially strangers, to know if he is really a nice guy.

Another way to know whether you have truly found a nice guy is to test his ethics and morals. If he consistently chooses to do the right thing, even if it breaks him, you have found a man of strength and integrity. People who compromise their principles due to peer pressure can't even stand up for themselves, so don't expect them to stand up for you. But, when he has been tried and tested and come out the victor, then you will know that you've hit the jackpot. You don't want this one to slip away, so hang on like a pit bull because you may never see this breed again.


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