How To Date a Pisces

A man can attract the Pisces woman by discussing art and poetry. She will be stimulated by talk of the unknown. Piscean women are attracted to sensitive men who are father figures with a boyish charm. She is looking for a "rock." A Pisces male will be drawn to a woman who speaks of his artistic love and visions. He will be mesmerized by a woman who shares her dreams and speaks of fantasy. Piscean men tend to lean toward women who are slightly aggressive and dominant. He is looking for your reassurance he is wanted and needed.

A Pisces woman is captivating and fascinating. She will need her partner to protect and lead her. She is feminine, soft, and charming which makes her the ultimate enchantress. Do not try to pull one over on the Piscean female as she is not easily fooled, and needs an honest man. She needs to nurture her mate, and does so in a motherly way. All the Pisces female expects in return is for her partner to make her feel loved and needed, and to protect and cherish her. She may become clingy and dependent, but she will never be overbearing. The man she chooses will be her better half, and she will need his sympathy, gentleness, and patience. The Pisces female loses herself in the relationship as she is extremely romantic. She is the ideal woman for the right man, and will make the ultimate nurturer for him.

The Piscean man is the ultimate romantic.  He is a sensitive man who deeply feels a woman.  Pisces men are often so hopelessly romantic they are inclined to fall out of love once they come to realize the relationship doesn't live up to his ideals.  He lives in a dream world, and needs a nurturing woman to keep him grounded.  Pisces men choose wrong women, or unattainable women so as not to become emotionally attached.  He needs a subtly dominant woman who will make sure he is able to refrain from bad thoughts and habits.  Piscean men need sensitivity, generosity, and compassion from their mate.  When nurtured, he will nurture.  A Pisces man ultimately needs a woman who is strong, yet sensitive.

Partners of Pisces need to be aware of their traits, as well as their positive and negative factors.  If you are receptive the needs and wants of a Pisces, you will have a long and wonderful relationship.


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