How To Date a Princess

To date a princess, you don't need to be a prince, but you'd better be pretty darn close. There's only room for one royal figure in the relationship, and she has decided it's her. Your job is to play the royal footman and it can be exasperating at times. But if you love her, then footman you shall be.

Though she is usually bright and attractive, the princess complex stems from insecurity and low self esteem, as she needs constant affirmation to fuel her self worth. She may flirt at the party, but don't be dismayed, as it's only another call for attention. Intoxicated by your devotion, she remains a loyal royal who needs you more than you need her. Dating a princess may be hard work, but rest assured she will cling to you like lint.

To appease your princess, you will need to remove the word "I" from your vocabulary and replace it with "you". Your needs are secondary and she will always have her way. However, on date night your creative control is welcomed, as long as you lift her up on a pedestal for all to see.

Your little princess wants and expects gifts, so keep them coming even if it bankrupts you. You'll buy gifts for special occasions and gifts for no occasion. It really doesn't matter to her as long as she's in the spotlight. And be sure they are beautifully wrapped and come with a dramatic presentation of how much she means to you. Dating a princess can be expensive, but it's not a bad gig, as you will be showered with affection for your thoughtfulness. Just be aware, you'll be showered with something else if you forget!

Your princess may be shallow at times, but she is sincere in her affections. A strong man can overlook her shortcomings and one day mold her into a mature queen. She's young and has not been dealt a severe hand in life and she doesn't react well to disappointments. Your little princess was pampered all her life and is clueless about the real world, but this syndrome does not last. As she grows older and wiser she learns to appreciate others and will take her eyes off the mirror.

The emotions of a princess are an open book, so for the guy in a long term relationship, you'll know exactly where you stand. After a while, you will no longer resent your servitude, but will come to enjoy it. It's nice to be needed and useful, and it will come to define who you are. Remember: a picky princess can have anyone she desires, and she picked you. Consider it a privilege to love, honor, serve and obey, and you'll have a long, happy life together.


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