How To Date a Punk

You may be surprised, but you have just fallen in love with a punk guy or girl. Your punk's mysterious, dark ways and charm have undoubtedly lured you in, and cannot help but to just completely fall head over heels. The only problem is, you are nothing like your crush! You want to impress, but just do not know what to talk about, what to do on an outing, or even what bands to talk about! But do not worry. Here are a few tips to help you out a bit when dating a punk rocker.

Even though she may seem to be into punk rock music and that alone, you will be surprised to find that punks are usually also very much into other types of music too -- maybe even your favorite bands! Punk rockers are very well-educated about different types of music and are eager to give any type of music a listen. Don't be afraid to talk to her about your favorite music. That way, you have an automatic conversation starter, and you will learn so much about each other. And a great tip is, if she is politely listening to what you have to say, give her music a chance when she tells you what she likes, and have an open mind about it. You never know, you may just like her music after all.

Do not think that only place your punk crush likes to hang out is dark dungeons and rock shows; in fact, she probably loves to hang out at chill places such as coffee shops, libraries, and even the mall. Sounds just like the typical person, right? It's also a pretty good bet that she would love to hang out at your favorite haunts. Remember, punks are very open-minded people.

So all in all, dating a punk rocker is just as easy as dating any other person. The main difference is what punks wear and how they style their hair, and I am pretty sure you have no problem with that if you're interested in dating a punk. So remember, do not judge a book by its cover. Get to know your punk rock girl, and you will probably fall in love with her.  Good luck!


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