How To Date a Sagittarius Woman

Of the zodiac signs, the Sagittarius is the most exciting and passionate. A Sagittarius woman can be temperamental and yet straightforward and assertive. If this type of woman interests you, here’s how to date a Sagittarius.

  1. A Sagittarius craves excitement. So take her out on activities that are fun and challenging. Try rock climbing, or hiking. Take her to a sporting event or a fun concert. Go outdoors. You can’t keep her indoors for long periods of time because she has lots of energy.
  2. Be spontaneous. If you’ve always wanted to try something new, try it with a Sagittarian. She’ll likely say yes and go along with you. This sign is a lover of life so go ahead and do things spur of the moment.
  3. Go on trips. Sagittarians love to explore and go to new places. Try a new restaurant with her. Go on out of town trips together. Discover new places and you’ll see how fun it can be to hang around a Sagittarian.
  4. Be practical when it comes to gift giving. Don’t give her a teddy bear. She’ll just think of it a dust collector. Give something thoughtful and practical. She’ll appreciate it more.
  5. Be upfront. A Sagittarian will speak her mind and tell you exactly what she feels. She’ll say what she means and means what she says. She’ll demand complete honesty from you as well. Don’t be offended if she’s rather blunt. It’s just the way things are for her. Her practical nature will demand that everyone else be forthright so that she can function in the environment. There’s no need to be coy with her. Honesty is better appreciated than flower words that don’t mean anything.
  6. Be aware that she’ll draw men to her like flies to honey. Because of her outgoing and exciting personality, a Sagittarius woman can easily attract the attention of other men. She’ll make friends easily with her warm and inviting personality. Don’t be jealous, it won’t make sense to her. Irrational displays will only irritate your woman. Instead, be confident and attractive as well. Take pride that your woman is sexy, attractive and easily liked.
  7. Keep in mind that her zodiac sign is just a guideline as to her personality. You still need to take into account all the other things that make her into who she is. Don’t date someone or avoid someone based on her zodiac sign.
  8. For her birthday, don’t be cheap and give her one gift and say it’s for Christmas also. Because her birthday falls so close to Christmas (Sagittarians are born late November to December), she often misses out on getting two presents. This is a common gripe of people born in December.

Keep your Sagittarius woman happy and expect to have a great time. If you have a more laid back personality, her vivaciousness and straightforward nature may overwhelm you. Otherwise, appreciate her love for life and enjoy each other.


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