How To Date a Sex Goddess

Dating a sex goddess is the ultimate fantasy of a lot of men. If it is yours and you happen to be living it, take pride in your woman! If you are dating a sexy, confident, sexually aware and aggressive woman, then you’re in for the ride of your life. Your relationship can be playful, exotic and challenging. Here’s how to date a sex goddess.

  1. If your sex goddess gives you the time of day, rejoice! You are in competition with a plethora of other males so for her to set her sights on you is a big deal. Don’t be stupid and treat your woman well. Don’t take her for granted and just have fun then discard her. Your being with this woman is increasing your value in the dating scene.
  2. Be worthy. Take care of yourself. Take special pains to groom yourself and make yourself presentable. Don’t embarrass yourself by going out and have people wonder if you have a great personality just because they can’t figure out how else you ended up with your goddess.
  3. Make her feel special. Compliment her looks, her intelligence and what a great person she is. Be a gentleman around her. Opening doors, a polite greeting and a warm smile never goes out of style.
  4. Don’t treat her like an object. True, you may feel like you won the superlotto being with her, but no matter how hot, gorgeous and goddess-like she is, she is still a human being with feelings, insecurities and dreams. Talk to her and get to know what she’s really like underneath the makeup. Don’t focus on her appearance all the time.
  5. Don’t be jealous of other men. She’s used to the male attention and so should you. Fighting her over it is just going to put a strain on your relationship. Bask that other men appreciate her as well and be secure that she’s with you.
  6. Do things together outside of the bedroom. She may be a lot of fun in private, but go out and do things together that can build intimacy in other ways. Take a romantic stroll at sunset. Go on a picnic in the park. Go to the beach and work on your tan together.
  7. Give her the pleasure she deserves. Your sex goddess probably knows a thing or two about pleasing a man. You should know a few techniques to make her feel great while in bed. Don’t be selfish in bed. Make sure she finds her pleasure first. You can be adventurous with her in the bedroom. Just ensure that she is enjoying it as much as you are.
  8. Respect your woman and keep things private. As much as you’d like to brag, stay away from locker room talk. What goes on between you and your woman is no one else’s business. Don’t show her naked pictures or have your friends watch videos of your bedroom activities. Let them fantasize while you get to live it out.

Have fun with your sex goddess. Be sure to practice safe sex at all times and be discreet. Underneath all that hotness is a real person who you may actually come to love.


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