How To Date a Widow

Many times in your circle of friends you will have at least one widow and several eligible bachelors.  A dating match can be struck with a friend of a friend or a former friend's widow.  If you are interested in a widow beyond friendship, a slow course should be taken.  Begin a new level of friendship with this woman and gradually increase your meetings.  A slow approach is the safest to use when considering dating a widow.  Save both of you some needless pain by being willing to walking away without too much heartache if it turns out she's just not ready to date again. Having a lunch date on Saturday or a brunch date on Sunday is a great time to talk casually and get to know each other better.  A restaurant setting gives both of you extra things to talk about.  Too much privacy will create awkward moments in the first few dates.  You may choose to visit museums, take walking tours, and go to the movies when starting to date without other couples.

Dating a widow will usually take patience so be prepared to have a lengthy light-hearted dating period.  Take the time to have conversations and discover all about her life before you.  She will also feel more comfortable if you let her in on your previous years and relationships.  If the dating does not progress to a more serious level in dating, discuss the options of ending your relationship until your widow dating partner is ready. Finding a soul mate at any age is a bonus in your personal life that is worth the time and effort.

Dating a widow can be a slow process, but if you're lucky the end result will be a wonderful, fulfilling relationship.  Talking a lot and choosing places for dating that are conducive to conversations is another way to deepen your relationship.  Some widows are ready to move on at a faster pace, but you will only know by taking time.


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