How To Date a Younger Man

Are you tired of men your own age? Have older men become noticeably stodgy and boring? If so the appeal of a younger man cannot be denied. You can date younger men if you put a little effort into the interest and follow these steps.

  1. Go to where they are. Younger men tend to hang out with people their own age. So meet them where they are. Join a gym with a younger crowd. Or head to sporting events and clubs where the younger men feel more comfortable. Be careful with this step. It is easy to go overboard and slut yourself up and appear desperate.
  2. Reevaluate your wardrobe. If you are looking to attract a younger man, you might need to look at your wardrobe. The past few years if you've been dedicated to your career, you might notice that you have more suits and professional attire than fun clothes. If your wardrobe is ever referred to as mature, professional, sedate or frumpy, it is time for a change. Buy a pair of well-fitting jeans some high-heeled boots or sandals and a sexy tank top. With this outfit, you can attract the younger man by looking both casual and approachable.
  3. Offer what they cannot get from women their own age. A man looking for an older woman is seeing the benefits of her experience and confidence. Your maturity is something you can offer a younger man that his twenty-something peers cannot offer him. He will be attracted to your self-assurance, your independence and your sexual experience. Make it clear that you are offering the benefits of these as a benefit of him getting involved with an older woman.
  4. Take care of yourself. The appeal of an older woman isn't so appealing if you've let yourself go. Remember that to get a younger man, you will be competing with women with younger bodies. Spend some time at the gym getting trim and toned. You don't have to be a stick figure to compete for a younger man. Instead go with the benefit of your age and femininity by making the most of your curves. Get in the best shape and tone for your body.
  5. Take charge with confidence. Your confidence and experience is what makes you appealing to a younger man. Take charge and pursue the younger man of your dreams.

The term "cougar" may turn some women off from the idea of dating younger men. Ignore the stereotype and labels so you can choose to enjoy life. Follow these steps and you can date younger men with little time or effort.


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