How To Date an Aquarius

To date an Aquarius, you must realize that your potential mate is very independent. An Aquarius will not make friends easily. Aquarians feel that you must earn their love, friendship, or respect.

An Aquarius will not give himself away; he feels he deserves more than that. However, when an Aquarius does accept your love or friendship, he will be willing to give in and even sacrifice the big things in his life for his partner. An Aquarius is also very faithful and honest. So, if you want to date an Aquarius you must get inside the person and get him to accept you; if you do that, he will do many great things for you in life.

Once an Aquarius does accept you and make you worthy of his friendship or love he will give off an irresistible attraction. However, this is only until his partner does not live up to the expectations of the Aquarius's goals, reasonable or not. If disappointed or deceived, his anger can be great! And if disillusioned, he will find it very difficult to forgive you.  If you date an Aquarius, be good to him and do not disappoint or deceive or you will quickly find yourself no longer dating an Aquarius.

Aquarians have good taste in music, arts, and drama. They are very dramatic people. In some cases the Aquarius will even drive himself to a point of exhaustion or even put himself at risk of injury if inspired by a cause or some sort of work.  To date an Aquarius it is strongly recommended to support him, no matter what the circumstances.

An Aquarius likes to work in a group in a position of leadership. He wants others to look at him as an inspiration or as if he were the boss. Dating an Aquarius, you must keep in mind that he will expect you to think of him as a strong influence on you; he will make decisions that you must respect.

So if you are ready to take on the experience of dating an Aquarius you must get him to accept you. Do not disappoint deceive him. Support him no matter what the circumstances. Respect his decisions and look at him as a leader, as he is likely helping you for whatever reasons. Do this, and the Aquarius will be return your interest with devotion and care.


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