How To Date an Older Guy

May-December relationships can work because it takes a certain level of maturity to make things work. Older guys have mellowed out, have reached the success they have aspired for in their twenties, and are more aware of the ways of the world. Older men are also sexier and know how to treat a woman right, given their years of experience. Here are some dos and don’ts on how to date an older guy.

  1. Do talk about the future. Find out if he’s ready to settle down or if he’s still out to have fun. Does he want kids? Perhaps he wants to be the perennial bachelor. Or maybe he’s been divorced and has grown children so he’s not looking to start another family. Make sure you’re on the same page. Don’t be afraid to discuss these things especially if you’re looking for something serious.
  2. Do be accomplished in your own right. Older men have had a head start of their careers so they hare naturally higher up the corporate ladder, make more money and are more established than their younger counterparts. Focus on your own career so you have something to be proud of yourself, other than bagging a rich older man.
  3. Do make sure you have enough things in common. Despite the age gap, you may find that you like the same things. Perhaps your taste in music or movies may not run the same way, but make sure your core values are the same. Do you both value family? Do you both believe in honesty in a relationship and in treating others well? Do you want the same things in life? Do you both like quiet evenings by the fire? Or are you both adventurous and love to travel?
  4. Do meet him intellectually and emotionally. It’s nice to have the feeling that your man is guiding you. However, you will need to amp up your own maturity level because you don’t want to be the immature one in the relationship. Read the newspaper and remain knowledgeable in current affairs.
  5. Don’t try to change his ways. He’s more settled in his ways and less malleable than a younger man. Don’t come into his life and expect to teach him new tricks. It’s going to be harder and you’ll just frustrate yourself. How you meet him is pretty much how he’ll be the rest of his life. You have to accept that if you want to be with him.
  6. Don’t let age cramp your lifestyle. Go ahead and do the activities you enjoy and have your man do it with you. Make sure he’s healthy enough to keep up. Think twice that he may be too old for you if he can’t take a stroll in the park because his walker is broken or his arthritis is acting up.

Go ahead and date your older man. It will help you grow and he can guide you in life. Make sure the age difference isn’t too great that you can’t enjoy things together. Stay sexy and attractive so your man can be proud to be with you. Be fun and exciting and show him the joys of dating a younger woman.


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