How To Date Someone from Your Apartment Complex

Dating someone who lives in the same apartment complex is sometimes very difficult and stressful, especially early in a relationship.  Setting boundaries and rules beforehand will make the relationship flow more smoothly and prevent the relationship from moving too fast and awkwardly.

Step One:

Determine rules regarding visiting hours. Consider relationships you have had with persons that did not live in your apartment complex; rarely did you or the other person stop by unexpectedly. Call before dropping by or make unannounced visits infrequently.

Step Two:

Respect your date's privacy and avoid spending too much time with one another. If possible, use a different route to enter and exit the building, to avoid passing by one another's apartments. This will offer a little more privacy for both members of the relationship.

Step Three:

Avoid moving clothing or other items into one another's apartments. Whenever an item is accidentally left at the other's apartment, call before stopping by to pick up the item.

Step Four:

Avoid giving spares to one another. This protects the privacy of both parties and avoids any accusations if items end up missing.

Step Five:

Set up guidelines for late night visits and sleepovers. If the relationship has progressed to a sexual level, continue to respect one another's privacy by avoiding spending the night together every night. Too much time together too soon is often a bad idea for the relationship.

Step Six:

Spend time apart to avoid smothering one another. Just because you are dating does not mean you have to spend all your spare time together, whether or not you are living in the same apartment complex. Set aside at least one night a week to spend with separate groups of friends or to use as alone time.

Step Seven:

Discuss the possible side effects of dating inside the apartment complex with your partner. Discuss the possibility that the relationship does not work out. Agree that neither party will make attempts to have the other kicked out of the apartment building or conduct events or engage in other activities that will make the other person feel uncomfortable at the end of the relationship.

Step Eight:

Before the relationship begins, consider the fact that if the relationship ends you may have to continue to see the other person every day, and to see the other person with a new partner, as that person goes in and out of your ex's apartment and stays overnight.

Relationship experts advise avoiding relationships with people living in the same apartment complex. However, if you set boundaries and discuss the relationship in both negative and positive light beforehand, both parties will be better equipped for dealing with relationship problems and protecting one another’s privacy and personal needs.


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