How To Date Your Spouse

Nothing is sweeter than marriage during its early stages. There is that certain spark and excitement in the relationship that make husband and wife glow in love and joy. But after some time, a marriage may start to become a bumpy ride, and before they know it, the spouses are drifting apart.

Now don't let this happen to your marriage at any cost.  One way of ensuring a tight marriage bond through time is by going on dates with your spouse.  By dating your spouse, you are reliving the good old times when you were not married yet. It reminds you of those wonderful days when both of you looked forward to your date together. Indeed, dating your spouse refreshes your relationship and never fails to give your marriage a new lease on life each time.

To date your spouse, you may invite her to dinner at the place where you used to dine as a dating couple. Try to reenact your first date, or the time you proposed to her. Complete the reenactment, from the flowers to the candlelit setting to the goodnight kiss and exchange of meaningful glances. It can be a very thrilling time for reminiscing the good old days and a sure way to rekindle your sweet love for one another.

If you want to be a little unconventional, you can plan a date by going on a hike and climbing a hill together. Of course this will depend on your physical strength and health condition. But if you still have the youth and stamina, why not? Getting out of the noise of the city can bring you closer together. When you reach your destination, you can sit atop the hill and watch the city below. There you can have a quiet time by lying side by side wrapped in each other's arms. Stare at the sky, watch the sunset, and just feel each other's presence. As you rest and feel the cool breeze, talk about your feelings to each other, make plans about the future, set your goals, and - yes, dream together.

Husbands can surprise their wives with a date by coming home unannounced. Bring a rose for your wife, and act like the usual gallant "knight" that you were when you were still in your courtship stage. Hold the rose with one hand and hide it behind your back. Slowly approach your wife and give her your present, then ask her for a date. As you leave the house, don't forget to show the gentleman in you. Lead her by the hand as you go out of the door. Assist her in getting in the car. Gently put an arm around her waist as you go down the steps. Bring her to a quiet little dining place.

When asked by the husband for a date, the wife on the other hand should return the favor by dressing up nicely, wearing perfume that he likes, smiling throughout the date and vocally expressing her appreciation for the wonderful evening.

Dating your spouse is one important gesture to show you care for his or her needs. Just because you have been married for two decades does not mean you should stop the romance. Plan at least a weekend every month for your date, and you will realize that the benefits will at once redound to your marriage. 


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