How To Deal with a Bad Kisser

The first time you lock lips with someone and find out he or she is a bad kisser can be an eye-opener. You may be tempted to end a budding relationship before you become too disappointed. Take heart. There are ways to deal with a bad kisser.

  1. Determine what causes the kisses to be bad. There are several different types of bad when it comes to kissing. Ask yourself, is the kiss too wet, too sloppy, too dry, too fast, too much bad breath or just not right? Don’t assume your partner is a bad kisser. They may just have different tastes than you.
  2. Find out if you are the problem. Don’t assume just because you aren’t happy with the kisses that your partner is to blame. If you are more passive than your partner prefers, they might be overly aggressive just to give you a hint. Find out if your partner is as unhappy with the kissing as you are. Kissing involves active participation by both people. If you both aren’t equally interested, the results won’t be fun.
  3. Communicate what you like. Your partner can’t please you if he or she doesn’t know what you like. Talk about it. Urge your partner on during the good parts. Communicate through talking and through touching. Kiss your partner the way you like to be kissed and see if he or she catches on.
  4. Slow down. It is possible to forget the pleasure of kissing because it so often leads to more. Pull back a little. Slow down and go back to simple closed-mouth kisses. Gradually work to your comfort zone and see if there is a change.
  5. Ask what your partner likes. You may just not be compatible. All people have their own kissing styles and things they like more than others. If you are a fan of slow and sensuous while your partner likes quick and rough, you are not on the same page. Ask your partner to talk about what he or she likes. Try it the way your partner prefers. Then switch and try kissing the way you like.
  6. Experiment together. Trying new things keeps a make-out session interesting. Don’t assume that your partner is the bad kisser. It is equally possible that you are overly aggressive or stuck in a routine you prefer. Experiment and you both might find something new to enjoy.
  7. Be patient. Sometimes all your partner needs is a little practice. As long as you have been upfront and honest about what you want, you can keep practicing until you both get it right.

Some say kissing is an art form. Relax with your partner and experiment while kissing. With your open mind and these techniques, you should be able to deal with a bad kisser.


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