How To Deal with a Broken Heart

The first time your heart is broken is something you will remember for all your days. How you deal with the broken heart sets the stage for your future relationships. Follow these steps and you can learn to deal with a broken heart.

  1. Give in to the pain. For the first few days after your break up you need to give in to the broken heart. Let yourself feel the pain. Indulge yourself with a tub of ice cream, romantic comedies, or a crying jag if it suits you. Get all the emotion, unease and anger out of your system.
  2. Set a limit. While you need to have some time to give in to the pain and let yourself feel it, there must be a limit. Give yourself a week, a month or some other specific limit of time. Set the time limit and hold yourself to it. When the time is coming to a close, you need to start to suck it up and get over it. The time limit allows you to give into the pain without wallowing in it.
  3. Distract yourself. Begin to find something new in your life to feel passionate about. This doesn't mean find a rebound man. Instead you are looking for a distraction. Find a hobby or interest to focus your time and attention. Spend time with friends hanging out, shopping and going to the movies. Whatever you do you want to have fun by distracting yourself.
  4. Be productive. Now is the time to find something new to focus your attention. You will get a boost of confidence if you find a way to focus your free time and excess energy in a productive direction. Apply yourself to a new project at work, give yourself a makeover by getting in shape to run a marathon or start volunteering for a community project. Choose something to do that occupies some time and challenges you.
  5. Remember why you loved. Once you have given up on the wallowing and have distracted yourself, you can begin to look back with fondness. Looking back and valuing the love you once had, you will be taking the final step to moving on.

It takes some time to move on and deal with a broken heart. When you find yourself faced with a bad breakup or the loss of someone you love, be sure to allow yourself the time to cope and recover before you bounce back to risk your heart again.


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