How To Deal with a Cranky Husband

Being cranky from time to time is nothing but normal. However, for a married couple, the other half can suffer most of the time when her husband happens to be cranky. Though this is normal, this often results to the deterioration of the marriage they are sharing. Hence, as a wife, you must do something to not let that happen.

Of course, what you must keep in mind is to deal with your cranky husband the right way. With this, you can be assured that at the end of the day, you remain as a happy couple. So, check out all of these tips on how you can properly and effectively deal with that cranky husband of yours:

  • The power of "space" in men. Always remember that when men get cranky, they don't want the same pampering that women demand from their husbands. When they are in this kind of situation, they will rather wish to have some space to have a little quiet for themselves. Allow him to do his thing alone for relaxation, thinking, and venting out. This is, of course, only if what he does is constructive.
  • The wait for a healthy talk. Men just don't love talking whenever they have a bad day. Therefore, give him space as mentioned above. Don't force him to tell you what is happening. Rather, let him know that you are ready anytime he is ready to talk to him regarding the problem. Much more, let him feel you love him even if you are giving him the time alone to himself.
  • The art of listening. Understand that men do not want to feel that women are treating them like a child. When he is ready to talk, just listen. Don't give too many comments and advice. What they need is to simply let go of the things that are bothering them. So do your part responsibly by listening to your husband without judgment.
  • The spices to your married life. Your husband's bad mood can always be broken by a change of the atmosphere. It can be a romantic dinner, a weekend getaway, and the like. Break the monotony of your lives to set his mood back again.
  • The choice of the right words and actions. Having your husband in a bad mood, you must be very careful with whatever you have to say or do. This is because if you get him mad or offend him, everything will turn out worse.
  • The magic of your patience. Your husband is not perfect and so are you. Hence, understand and be patient that he is getting a bad mood this time. That kind of mood will soon pass by, that is for sure.

In the end, understanding how to deal with your cranky husband will make your relationship grow stronger. If you do not let his mood bother your relationship, you can expect of a long happy life with your lover and best friend, who is none other than your husband.


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