How To Deal with a Difficult Bride (For Bridesmaids)

As a bridesmaid, how you deal with a difficult bride depends on your relationship with her. But either you are a friend, a sister, a niece or a coworker, and there is one thing you just have to give the bride: UNDERSTANDING.

Being a bride is the most eagerly awaited moment in any woman's life. Since childhood, the day of her wedding has been the object of any girl's dreams. But all those dreams of a fairy tale wedding suddenly become a monstrous affair to handle when it finally becomes a reality. Hence, brides usually end up being high strung, worried, confused, emotional, irritated and scared. The endless planning that goes with the wedding contributes to the building up of mixed emotions in the bride, so the most important thing you can do as a bridesmaid is to give her sincere understanding and support.

But despite your efforts to understand and support the bride, there comes a moment when you do take a pause and say, "Hey, wait a minute...this is your wedding, not mine." Or "I'm also a human being, am I not?"

However, arguing or picking a fight with the bride (which usually happens when she is very close to you) will not be of any help. Remember, you agreed to be her bridesmaid. Worse, you may have offered yourself to be her bridesmaid (what are friends or family for, anyway?). Therefore, you have no choice but to endure the whole process until the wedding is over and until the bride is back from honeymooning.

Be the shoulder she cries on when she gets exasperated over the delay in the wedding rings. Be the ear that listens when she talks and yaks over the phone about how expensive her wedding dress is, how handsome her groom will look in his tuxedo, how the weather should be perfect on the wedding day, or even how much weight she has lost due to the hectic preparations for the wedding.

Even if it comes to the point when the bride becomes impossibly demanding, keep your patience. Bite your lip when she unexpectedly throws tantrums because the flowers and tablecloths don't match in color. Sigh with resignation when she insists you wear a color that you hate or that doesn't suit your tan skin. It is a sacrifice really, and you should have understood your role as bridesmaid before you agreed to be one.

Bridesmaids are supposed to assist the bride during the wedding preparations and the wedding itself. Therefore, you should stick it out with the bride until the last guest has said goodbye during the reception. How much help you are able to give can mean a lot to her, considering the gargantuan responsibility of organizing this real-life production. Therefore, just be there beside her and bear out her temper. After all, the attitude will be gone soon after the wedding, and she will be back to her old self again when she comes back after honeymooning.

Bridesmaids should not take any offense against the bride if the latter becomes impossible to deal with. The bride is the center of a wedding celebration, and she has the right to be a diva, even just for a day in her life.


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